Does a Good Mattress Cause Insomnia?


Are you suffering from a sleep disorder? Well, the major thing that people with insomnia start to experience with the environment is a considerable factor. Some of these factors that impact sleep can be too much light, disturbing noise, an uncomfortable bed, or a sleeping partner that moves a lot. 

So, if sleep is s impacted by the sudden change in surrounded environment, is there a chance of insomnia? 

With this article, we’ll look at the same and get to know about what insomnia is & how to treat it with an orthopedic mattress online.

What is Insomnia in Real?

It is a sleep condition where a person can’t sleep properly and struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. Insomnia causes daytime fatigue & reduced energy level, as well as to perform the daily work activity. 

People with insomnia may experience weakened coping skills, difficulty concentrating & paying attention or concentrating on memory problems, or trouble performing a daily routine. It also affects the mood of the person. 

Possible Causes of Insomnia  

  • Stress
  • Travel or work schedule
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Eating too late in the evening
  • Excessive consumption of  alcohol
  • Certain medical condition
  • Uncomfortable mattress 

So, the first thing before you go for medical treatment, ensure that you are sleeping on a good & comfortable mattress. 

There are various signs of a bad mattress, and these are:

5 Signs of Bad Mattress

The potential hints of a bad mattress aren’t always obvious, but if you are feeling any of the following, then it’s a sign that your mattress isn’t performing well. 

  • Aches & Pain – If your mattress’ comfort layers are worn down and creating pressure points when you sink onto the firmer support core, you may wake up with aches and pains.
  • Poor Sleep – Even if you aren’t aware of it, tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress can lead to poor sleep quality. Your mattress may be past its prime if you no longer wake up feeling rested. Multiple nighttime awakenings or taking longer than normal to fall asleep are further indications that your mattress is impacting your ability to sleep.
  • Sagging – All mattresses eventually begin to sag as a result of bearing your body weight night after night. Uneven spinal support brought on by a sagging mattress may result in pressure points developing in your neck and back while you sleep. The presence of indelible body impressions in the mattress is an obvious indication that it needs to be replaced.
  • Improper Support – The mattress’ layers are designed to cooperate to assist the alignment of your spine. The comfort layers ought to adapt to promote healthy spinal alignment without undue sinking. Similar to this, the support core should offer a solid foundation for supporting the body’s heavier portions and maintaining the spine’s even plane. A bad mattress could be the cause of your stiff and aching mornings. You can look for the orthopedic mattress online for proper support.
  • Excessive Heat – The materials used in a mattress’ construction have a significant impact on how well it regulates temperature. While foam mattresses trap more heat because of their sturdy design, mattresses with coil support cores typically sleep cooler. While many manufacturers use phase change or gel infusions to lessen a foam mattress’ ability to retain heat, these materials might eventually wear out and result in an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Additionally, the comfort layers could soften, causing you to sink deeper into your mattress and have less space for air to circulate through your body.
  • Dust Mites – Dead skin cells collect in mattresses, attracting dust mites. Dust mites can make allergy sufferers sneeze, have watery eyes, have sinus congestion, and have runny noses. Dust mites are more likely to live in innerspring beds, whereas there are fewer places for them to live in latex and foam mattresses. Using a mattress protector or regularly vacuuming your mattress can both help keep dust mites at bay.
  • Mattress Age – While some mattresses survive longer than others, all mattresses eventually lose their ability to relieve pressure and provide support. A mattress’ lifespan can be shortened by improper maintenance, additional weight, and the use of an improper foundation.
  • Mattress Envy – You may start to develop mattress envy for other mattresses if your mattress is unable to provide balanced support and comfort. Your mattress is probably not doing its job if you wake up feeling more rested than you do after sleeping at home.

A bad mattress causes many health-related problems. You can look for the orthopedic mattress online and improve your sleep.

Where to buy the Best Mattress Online?

Now, as you got to know that mattresses can be the reason for insomnia, it’s time to change your old & bad mattress.

You can buy an orthopedic mattress online from The Sleep Company, which offers one of the world’s most comfortable mattresses for your spine and back. Each layer of the patented SmartGRID technology’s multi-layered inventiveness is specifically engineered for maximum comfort and back support promotes a good night’s sleep. 

Additionally, the 2500 air channels support unrestricted air circulation to ensure comfortable nightly sleeping during periods of high humidity and hot weather.


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