Do You Get an Advantage at BTCC for Crypto Futures Trading?

A Comprehensive Guide To Cryptocurrency Market Making

You get not just a small advantage, but a great deal more as the BTCC platform is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the world. It is perhaps the only cryptocurrency exchange that has never been hacked in its 12-year history. It has a long-standing commitment to customers and hence traders get a definite edge while trading on the platform. Firstly, the platform is pretty trader-friendly and gives you the best security while transacting over it. In short, your money is very safe. The other benefit of the platform is that it has a BTCC index that is comprised of weighted quotations of the spot index price gathered from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and avoids market manipulation to create a safer environment for its traders. You get better support at each level of your trade with tips and suggestions so that you can steadily improve your performance. Again, you get the right kind of demo for betting on futures on the exchange and complete transparency so that you don’t rely simply on rumors, but make your moves after receiving authentic information.

If you get nervous with the extreme volatility of bitcoin trading you are given free instructions and a demo so that you get to know how to absorb the risk with pairing.

More than 14 Trading Pairs for Low Risks

The above crypto futures trading platform boasts of more than 14 trading pairs to transact for their traders. You may also trade in one or more pairs and this depends upon your capacity. The platform offers one of the highest leverage for traders in the world and with the right prudence you can make money without hassles. You can trade in pairs and make good profits by either holding short or long positions.

The most popular among the pairs is BTC/USDT and you can get as much information about this pair and other attractive pairs to make your choice. BTC signifies the world’s most traded crypto namely Bitcoin while USDT is the world’s largest stablecoin and pairing them allows you to lower your risk considerably.

It is because the USDT is pegged to the US dollar and when BTC is tethered to USDT you have a nice cushion against any volatility of the cryptocurrency.

Further, the professionals of BTCC can guide you to become a master in bitcoin futures trading activities if you take their advice carefully. You can also learn about quote currency and in the above case you can choose either of the two as your quote currency.

Best Support for Traders

In short, you are never disappointed with the BTCC exchange as you won’t find another platform like this. You also get live telecasts of all cryptocurrency prices on their website pages and get expert opinions, news, and other information online.

Further, at this crypto trading platform you have to pay very low brokerages and there are no hidden charges. You can also take little steps toward the more robust Ethereum which has risen to become the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value.

You often find that such platforms support traders betting on different cryptocurrencies.