Diploma in nautical science: Everything You Wanted to Know


Nautical science is a specialised sort of subject that includes science, mathematics and physical training to simply navigate and operate the ship safely in the sea or ocean from one place to another. A single diploma in nautical science is an undergraduate diploma programme that is in the nautical science discipline.

Candidates who successfully complete this programme are rewarded with the diploma. The academic duration of this prestigious programme is one year. People wishing to enrol in the programme are needed to satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria.

They should also complete 10+2 in physics, chemistry and even mathematics and their aggregateshould be of sixty five percent of marks from a well-recognised board. Indeed, if you have that, you can look for diploma in nautical science colleges and enrol in one!

Remember that the ones who have successfully done nautical science have higher career prospects along with impressive salary packages. They can even opt for various career options like deck officer, marine engineer, radio officer, oceanographer, nautical surveyor and manifold other career options.

Quick peep into the eligibility for Diploma in Nautical Science 

If you are willing to enrolyourself in a diploma in nautical science then you are required to fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria. Here is a few points to get you a better idea about eligibility:

  •  Applicants must complete 10+2 in the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics from a well-recognised college.
  • You must complete successfully 10+2 with a minimum of sixty five percent of marks from a good recognized board.

The skills for Diploma in Nautical Science 

If you are looking forward to enrol in the diploma in nautical science course then you must possess several skill sets for a better level of learning experience. Here is a quick list of diploma in nautical science skills for you:

  • Proficiency in English language
  • Numerical Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Physical Strength
  • Communications Skills
  • Quantitative Ability
  • General Knowledge
  • Leadership Skills

So, if you feel that you can do really well at these areas, you should try your hands on this line. You have no idea how lucrative this path can turn out to be for you. Of course, if you find that you are not really good in these areas, there is always scope for betterment.

You can take up coaching to ensure that you prepare well and get enrolled in the right options. Taking professional guidance is one thing that you cannot underestimate. Once the professionals guide you through, you can be sure that you know what exactly you are doing and what you need to do.

Diploma in Nautical Science scope 

A diploma in nautical science is going to get you with numerous career opportunities. After successful completion of this course, you can start your career off as a training cadet. After completion of eighteen months of sea service period, you can even appear for the next mate examination.

Remember if you wish to pursue a higher education can also opt for a BSc. In Nautical Science. After finishing of the BSc. Nautical Science, you can further pursue a MSc. In this same course.

If you want to go for an academic career as teacher, professor or even researcher then you may pursue a Ph.D. Or even M.Phil in the relevant specialisations after finishing of master’s degree. The thing is simple, the scope in this field is quite impressive and extensive. It is all about how much you work hard and do the needful. 

Career Options you get after Diploma in Nautical Science

Well, there are numerous attractive career options for you once you are a graduate of a diploma in nautical science.  Of course, once you dig deeper in the areas, you would know the entire world opening up for you. Here is a quick details of major job profiles for you:

Deck Officer 

A deck officer is going to be responsible for executing manifold tasks on deck. It encompasses navigation, manoeuvring of vessels and even managing safety equipment on board. He or she is also going to be responsible for cargo, communication and even safety of other folks on the deck. Of course, this is really a responsible role to play!

Nautical Surveyor 

Now, a nautical surveyor is something that is known as a marine surveyor. He or she is going to be accountable for conducting thorough as well as extensive surveys of the ship. A nautical surveyor examines the complete vessel before delivery and even decides the worthiness of the entire vessel. These are the types of roles that demand a lot of attention and prudence.


Talking about anoceanographer, he or she is responsible for planning and even performing research on oceans. He or she gathers the overall samples and data from the seafloor and evaluates those sampled to discover natural as well as contaminant composition. He or she most of the times hunt for life forms and even matter that is there in ocean water. The research gives them the idea about the overall condition of the waters and hence, important moves can be taken accordingly.

Marine Engineer 

Then a marine engineer is going to be responsible for designing, building and even maintenance of ships, submarines, aircraft carriers, sailboats and tankers. He or she is accountable for internal systems of a ship that encompass force, refrigeration, electrical and even steering systems.

Quick perks of Studying Diploma in Nautical Science

A diploma in nautical science is going to provide people like you with training to navigate a ship from point to other in the realm of the sea. It augments the knowledge of enrolled students on principles and even practices of managing and operating ships, overall vessels, submarines and even tankers. They even get to learn diverse aspects of ship management encompassing cargo work, propulsion and even meteorology.


To sum up , you can check out diploma in nautical science coursefees and enrol in one that you think is apt for you. After all, it is going to be about what you choose for your future. Once you work hard, you can get a prestigious role to play and earn well too!


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