Cruise In Doha – Sailing Through Arabic Gulf’s Water


Take a stroll down the Corniche Road and catch a sight of the golden darkness of the sunset from a classic Dhow brig. Back in the day, merchants and fishermen would employ the classic wooden sailboat. It is now equipped with the latest conveniences to allow travelers to travel comfortably. A trip through the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf at sunset is the best moment to go. View the metropolitan skyline whilst discovering the nation’s connection to the water, including pearl diving, aquaculture, and international trade.

The shades of the setting sun that sparkle on the contemporary structures and the refreshing air that softens you down before strolling along the Corniche are two of the nicest aspects of the Dhow Cruise.

To reach this place, rent a car in Doha, Qatar. To help you commute from your hotel or residential area to the cruise location without any issues.

What is Dhow Cruise In Qatar?

Sailors utilized the Dhow, a classic watercraft used in ancient times and afterwards transmitted from one generation to the next. It was renowned for having triangular-shaped sails with pointy ends at the bow and stern. Usually, boats have a singular, substantial wooden sail installed for enhanced power and performance.

The structure has undergone some small adjustments with a hint of European Influence. However, you can also witness the original, upgraded dhow sails continue to be used today. The square front of the boat’s modern form makes it much more effective. Many major tourist hubs may be found in the Indian Ocean, drawing visitors worldwide.

The handcrafted vintage Dhow cruises made of wood in Doha represent the timeless beauty of the Gulf. Tourists should go on the sailing expedition since it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Pleasant Dinner Experience At Dhow Cruise

In Doha, Qatar, viewing the sunset from the water is the greatest option. The hardwood Dhow boat, handcrafted to give it a classic elegance, delivers the fascinating experience you will ever have.

Restaurants in Doha offer nutritious meals, which enhances the experience and leaves a lasting impression. As soon as one steps foot in Qatar, among the greatest things to accomplish is to take a cruise. The boats have night lights that make the sea appear to be a paradisiacal, multicolored paradise.

Based on the cruise’s flexibility, a booking can be made for either the morning or the evening. The atmosphere as night settles over the clear waters and casts a blanket of color over it seems wonderful and alluring. The fascinating and romantic nighttime boat experience ought not to be missed.

A moonlight swim, classical music, performance, and other relaxing experiences that one should have been among the things that individuals will love. Based on the Doha tours from the sea, it’s unquestionably among the best spots to go. You can notice the elegance and classic approach in the delicious dishes.

Enjoy Sunset View and Dinner – On Dhow Cruise

Have you recently travelled to Doha, Qatar, to view the sunset? The beachfront sight. It is made happier by a delicious meal served on the boat. Most individuals have vacations arranged around their aspirations of taking a cruise. The wooden boat rows lining the Doha Corniche must not be overlooked. The Arabian Gulf, which is completely black save for various lights, is the nicest part. Except for the lighting and sound display that depicts the modern metropolis, it resembles boats that are common in most regions of the world.

Final Verdict

Doha’s Dhow cruise offers the ideal seaside eating setting in addition to a panorama of the city’s skyline and buildings. The trips come with a buffet and Barbecue dinners in addition to other amenities designed to meet the demands of the travelers. To discover the mysteries buried under the twilight as you cruise around the Corniche and beachfront on an old wooden boat, book Qatar vacation packages and schedule the most convenient late afternoon cruise time.


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