Complete Overview Of The Maldives For Honeymooners


The Maldives is undoubtedly an attractive place that represents the beauty of nature bliss across the globe. Moreover, Maldives offers exotic islands filled with sandy beaches, restaurants, resorts, and parks. 

The Maldives have marvelous greenery that reflects the natural beauty of life. Landmarks are so fascinating that they engage you entirely and make you eager to revisit them. Besides, the major attraction includes its fascinating beaches, charming water activities, and luxury spa & resorts. 

The Maldives is considered a tropical gem worldwide, as the Indian ocean surrounds them. Furthermore, all islands have different uniqueness, offering you underwater experience to witness marine life. Additionally, it includes water creatures, coral reefs, and multiple fish species. 

Numerous food items are the specialty of Maldives, including Fish curry, Fried yams, Masroshi, Gulha, Saagu, Bis Keemiya, Aluvi Boakibaa, and much more. Therefore, all these are delicious, served with unique ingredients and spices.

The Maldives is magnificent throughout the year, but visiting between the months of November and April gives you a way more authentic experience. The weather is tropical and calm. Besides, the prices of resorts, hotels, and spas are more reasonable. 

The primary religion of Maldives is Islam, where the language locals speak is Dhivehi, but most people speak English and other foreign languages. Besides, Male city is the capital of Maldives, which lies on Male atolls about 400 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. 95% of Maldives is covered by the sea, which looks mesmerizing from everywhere. It holds more than five thousand coral reefs, colorful fishes, and corals. 

The Maldives is primarily known for its culture, which makes every visitor’s experience exquisite. Moreover, being a nation of the island, the culture is based on the sea and revolves around the island’s lifestyle. Moreover, the Maldives culture is derived from Indian, Arab, African, and Sri Lankans. 

For honeymoon couples, Maldives is home to luxury and top-level resorts and hotels. They offer a combination of great attractions, yummy food, a blissful underwater experience, fun, and comfortable accommodations. Besides, all these give unique joy to your memorable trip. Book a trip as Maldives all-inclusive packages from Mumbai are affordable. 

Flattest Country in the World 

The Maldives is a blissful island with an altitude of 1.8 meters. Besides the highest point, Villingili Island is around 2.5 meters above sea level. Still, Maldives is the center of attraction for almost every tourist. Moreover, the experience will make a massive impact on your journey. 

Distinct White Sandy Beaches

The Maldives is highly known for its beaches, which are white like crystal clear. Moreover, it offers you multiple activities to do, like relaxing sightseeing, water volleyball, sand castle, and side refreshments. Besides, this sand is made of caroline, which is extremely rare and present in only 5% of the globe.

Maldivian Flag 

The Maldivian Flag consists of green rectangles with a middle crescent moon on them, both enclosed by red rectangles. Besides, the red represents the sacrifice of people fighting to protect the Maldives, the green represents prosperity and peace, and the moon shows the Islam culture. 


The Maldives have humid and tropical hot weather throughout the year, dominated by two monsoon seasons. Moreover, Maldives is located on the equator, that is why it receives sunlight throughout the year. In simple terms, the temperature ranges are 25 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, the dry season of monsoon is between December and April, where the rain starts in May and lasts until November. Plan a trip according to your wants, and every weather will give an impeccable feel and experience. 

Sea Food 

The Maldives offer exotic and exceptional dishes that are highly demanded. In simple terms, Maldives serves an extensive range of seafood with numerous cuisines, and foods include Tuna, lobster, and snapper. Besides, numerous cuisines are available to choose from as per your liking. Multiple resorts offer no-cost restaurant service. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your holiday package.

Furthermore, traditional food is spicy and hot, including soups, curries, and other dishes served with rice, coconuts, yams, pineapple, and mangoes. All these unique ingredients are locally grown and rich in taste. 

Dance & Music

Dance and music are the most crucial part of the Maldives, representing the tradition and vibrant culture. Moreover, it is influenced by the surrounding nations that feel authentic in experience. Must-visit performance includes Bodu Beru, which gives a mesmerizing feel. 

Additionally, the dance is performed by a group of 20-25 people, featuring dancers, drummers, and singers. Besides, numerous resorts organized these events to give guests breathtaking experiences. 

Old & Historical Heritage

Architectural heritage is the most integral part of this country. One of the most famous is Friday Mosque, located on Male Island. Besides, it is a shimmering Dome, wood carvings, and Arabic calligraphy. This library is made up of marvelous white stones and marble, which look charming both outside and inside. 


The craft of Maldives creates exceptional items using primarily raw materials, such as reeds, palm leaves, shells, woods, stone, paints, and natural oils. Besides, Maldives has a strong & long heritage of art and craft, and the country has numerous handcraft that delivers magnificent artwork. 

Therefore, the art of calligraphy is most famous and developed in Maldivian art. Mostly the adorable calligraphy work is seen in mosques of the country. Besides, Maldivian are proud and take pride in it. 

Wrapping Up

Henceforth, this is the overview of Maldives. Note all the information above that helps to explore this country. Moreover, have all the exciting activities, visit the authentic places, and witness the glory of Maldives. If you are looking for Maldives expenses from India for couple, it’s quite reasonable, according to top travellers in India. 


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