Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock is an award-winning singer, musical artist, songwriter, social media influencer, model dancer and entrepreneur born March 14, 2000 in Baltimore Maryland.

She has amassed an enormous following on Instagram and endorses numerous brands through it, as well as doing fashion modeling. Starting as a teenager, she quickly established herself in social media.

She is a singer

Chrisean Rock Net Worth is an award-winning singer known for her numerous singles and music videos released under her own label, as well as launching her clothing line. Chrisean boasts an enormous fan base who keep up with her on social media regularly.

West Baltimore native Stephanie Ivy is known for her quirky and distinctive personality. Raised in an abusive home with 11 siblings, she faced many hurdles during her lifetime.

Following her move to California with her family, she was able to attend college. In 2020 she earned an associate’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise science at Santa Monica College.

As a teenager, she began modeling and gained prominence across social media channels. Soon enough she became a brand ambassador for many clothing companies.

She met rapper Blueface when he hosted a reality show called the Blue Girls Club competition on OnlyFans in 2020, winning both prize money and winning her own front tooth in a fight during this show.

She is a songwriter

Chrisean Rock is an award-winning singer/songwriter who began focusing on her music profession upon graduating high school. Since then, she has released numerous singles and videos which have become favorites with fans – among them are “Lonely,” “Word to my Brother,” Rainy Days,” and Adin Ross Disstrack.”

Singer Erin Coe hails from Baltimore, Maryland and has proven her abilities by earning a comfortable living as an accomplished multi-talented artist – performing as singer, dancer, social media influencer and model.

She boasts a substantial following on both Instagram and YouTube, most notably for her lifestyle vlogs which focus on fashion and lifestyle content. Additionally, she serves as brand ambassador of apparel companies like Ethika and Fashion Nova.

She is a hugely-recognized celebrity who has amassed millions through her work, yet she comes from an extremely turbulent background that saw child abuse during her early life. Her father was imprisoned until she turned seven while her mother battled substance addiction issues.

She is a model

Chrisean Rock is a singer, model, social media influencer and content creator born March 14 2000 in Baltimore and currently living in Los Angeles CA.

She boasts over 711K Instagram followers (as of August 2022) and regularly endorses brands via her social media accounts. Furthermore, she enjoys posting lip-sync videos to TikTok and making lip-sync videos of herself singing karaoke.

Her annual estimated income exceeds $500K and most of it comes from modeling and sponsorships.

As a model, she has collaborated with top fashion and beauty brands. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple television programs and music videos.

She was first seen dating Blueface, a rapper. They first appeared together on the reality show Blue Girls Club before getting engaged and becoming in a relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and soon afterwards began fighting among themselves.

She is a social media influencer

Chrisean Rock is a social media influencer with over one million followers on Instagram. She frequently shares modeling photos for swimwear and street wear brands as well as lifestyle content on her account.

She has begun using YouTube as a platform to post fitness and health-related videos; most notable amongst these videos are fashion vlogs that she regularly uploads.

This 22-year-old rapper has earned herself many fans since she first made an impression as a youngster, including an impressive following on social media such as Twitter.

Even though she grew up in a dysfunctional family, she never let anyone’s opinions get in her way of becoming successful and creating the life that was in her dreams.

Blueface and her relationship has long been a source of tension. Arrests for public fights between them, vase throwing incidents that led to accusations, and even some unpleasant tweets have all played into this toxic dynamic.

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