Antique Bathroom Vanities


    Antique Bathroom Vanity – The latest fashion in luxury, elegance and beauty!

    Vintage vanities are usually new, but faithful replicas of vintage vanities. The design they created is still considered a very beautiful piece of furniture and should be handed down to the old cabinet makers. There is a thriving trade in authentic antique cabinets that people have turned into vanities, take a look at some of these pieces.

    My first choice is the Antique Cherry Antique Vanity. There are beautiful decorative carvings on the front and sides and an attractive curved design that sets it apart from standard cabinets. The front cabinet has a single brass door and has plenty of storage space inside. The oval vanities are marble and the vanities are pure white porcelain.

    The cherry brown color of this antique vanity is very rich and goes well with the pink bathroom. The vanity units are made of MDF wood and solid birch cabinet. You can buy bathroom wall mirrors and bathroom wall cabinets. The vanity top is white marble and this model can be purchased in antique oak with a black granite bathroom countertop. Buy an antique cherry bathroom vanity online at Builder Depot for $630.

    My second choice is something completely different from the English Victorian style: the LUXExclusive Single Sink Victorian Antique Bathroom Vanity. It’s a square and practical vanity with a black finish that looks smart and attractive. The vanity is ivory ceramic and the bathroom countertop is travertine marble. This antique vanity is fronted by two large rectangular doors with gray metal hardware.

    In fact, this vanity is suitable for most bathrooms and black is an easy color to match your bathroom. These beautiful pieces of furniture can be seen as part of modern black and white bathroom design ideas. You can buy Victorian bathroom lights and bathroom vanity faucets that match this model. 32 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 36 inches high, you can buy Victorian Antique Bathroom Vanity Single from bathroom supply store

    If you’re looking for something lighter, the Windsor Antique Bathroom Vanity in Antique White will transport your bathroom to an old mansion in the English countryside. This unit is rectangular in shape with drawers above and a wide cabinet below. The cabinet has two doors and plenty of storage space. The white finish enhances the authentic look of this vintage vanity. Windsor is the name of the British royal family, and it is easy to imagine that this vanity comes from many houses. To complete the combination, you need a matching bathroom wall mirror and a colorful vintage bathroom light fixture. You can buy these and other devices in the same way. Made of wood and available in cognac, dark cherry, light cherry, white and old white. You can buy this beautiful antique vanity from $1,370 to $959 at Bathroom Accessories.

    All these vanity units are unique to build your new bathroom renovation ideas. All of the above items come with bathroom wall mirrors and vanity faucet options, and you can find your own faucet at many bathroom faucet sites online. today For more bathroom design ideas, try window shopping online.


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