A Loveable Clothing Rental Company

A Loveable Clothing Rental Company1

I suddenly had a crazily full social calendar and was vexed and ready to get off my couch. Okay, so basically the pandemic ended and I continued to drink wine all over California. Horseback riding in vineyards, a girl’s trip to Paso Robles, a girl’s trip to Healdsburg.

Even though it sounds corny, I’ve been feeling so driven to change who I am lately, especially in terms of my personal style. 2020 “changed” me, you guys. I determined it was time to try out Nuuly Review subscriptions since I have upcoming trips. A trip has always been my go-to justification for investing in new clothing.

Pre-Order Essential Advice

The idea of clothing subscription boxes has never really appealed to me, to be completely honest. I’ve thought that I’d prefer to own clothing to renting it until recently by Nuuly Review, even though I see them all over Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. They are also somewhat expensive, typically costing $75 to $100 per month.

And after that, I endured six exhausting hours of running around the mall looking for clothing for a last-minute photo shoot at Filoni Gardens. Granted, photoshoots aren’t something the typical woman does (#bloggerproblems), but I think everyone has experienced the situation in which they desperately want a new outfit for an event, a dinner, or a trip but have nothing that fits their vision.

And after a year of staying home, if you’re anything like me, these events will come at you quickly. Now, time feels different. In addition, I essentially have no space in my closet left for new clothing. A really nice appeal has developed for a Nuuly Review subscription service. It’s amazing if I can try on new clothing trends without taking any unnecessary risks AND I don’t have to stress about last-minute shopping for everything I have planned for the summer.

Get A $10 Off Nuuly Discount Code Right Away.

How can you instantly save $10 on a subscription? Getting the Nuuly newsletter is simple just enter your email address. Keep up with the latest offers, promotions, and new arrivals from Nuuly Review. Fill out the email signup form in the bottom-right corner of the homepage to start saving.

The Functions Of Nuuly

Similar in some ways to Stitch Fix or Rent the Runaway, Nuuly Review offers clothing rentals with Nuuly Discount Code, but in my opinion, they carry much better brands.

like high-end designers and chains of stores like Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. These items are wearable outside the home, unlike Stitch Fix. It’s literally risk-free because Nuuly will handle the cleaning and fixing them. And unlike Rent The Runway, Nuuly Review is more focused on casual clothing as opposed to expensive ball gowns.

Every month, you get to choose from six different items. It doesn’t matter if you select six dresses or create a variety of outfits. Even more, items can be added if you anticipate needing 8 as opposed to 6 that month. Once you’ve chosen your pieces, they’ll send them to you within two days of your order and include a return label so it’s simple to send them back when you’re finished.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Using Nuuly Clothing Rentals

Your Billing Date Is When You Place Your First Nuuly Order, So Plan Ahead

The system’s failure to notify users when their initial orders are shipping out really irritates me. I wish I could have chosen a different date, as I’ll elaborate on below. It turns out that the date you select to “rent” your first Nuuly Review box determines the frequency of your deliveries going forward.

Decide carefully, then. Consider that when choosing when to order since my box shipped in just over a week.

Check New Items Often Before Ordering

Before placing a new order, I always look through the new arrivals to see what catches my eye. Usually, these items sell out quickly, but I’ll add items I like to my account and try to purchase them in a subsequent order. Even though I usually already know what I want to rent next, it’s always fun to see what fun things have returned in my size by visiting the new arrivals page.

Sign Up For Their Newsletter And Then Keep Checking Back For A Better Coupon Code.

Although they will send you an even better discount, you could use a Nuuly coupon code on your initial purchase. As soon as the popup for their newsletter appears, enter your email address. Don’t place an order after that. A better discount code than the one you were given will likely be emailed to you by Nuuly if you wait a week or two.

However, if you need a coupon, you can use mine for $20 off: Click here to go to the link. When paying, a discount is applied.

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To Choose The Right Size, Read Previous Reviews.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you carefully read this section before adding anything to your box after reading Nuuly Review, just like when you shop online at brick-and-mortar stores. These reviews are very accurate, and they can tell you whether something runs big or small and whether it will fit your curves or not.

Finding a girl with a similar body type to you in photos is especially helpful. It’s annoying when a garment is brand-new to Nuuly and there is no historical Nuuly Review data available. Consider the possibility that the item may not fit if there are no prior reviews.

Having said that, I dislike how you are stuck with it if something doesn’t fit. I have some black pants that I can put on, but I can’t sit down while wearing them. I regret wasting a product. I wish they would give me credit toward a future purchase or something.

If You Can’t Find Your Size, Try A Different Size Category

The limitation on the number of clothing items available is a drawback of Nuuly Review. The desirable items are in high demand, making it challenging to find items in your size. If that occurs, consider size hacking.

For instance, the yellow top I was really hoping for wasn’t available in a size 14. It was ideal for a shoot I wanted to do, so I was disappointed! I normally don’t wear Petite sizes, but it was available in a size 12 Petite, so I ordered that. Also, it fits perfectly! This trick might be required to obtain the items you desire.

I also appreciate how risk-free it is because you can wear the items and they will take care of washing them for you. In fact, I just dropped a piece of mango on the lime green top I’m wearing as I write this post. They will handle that for me, so don’t worry. WINNING.



  • Numerous top brands’ street style finds
  • Extends to size 40W
  • Excellent coupon availability
  • Quick client assistance
  • User-friendly interface and platform
  • Can experiment with different fashions
  • You can buy the things you want.


  • Some brands and styles only go up to 40W (so not truly size-inclusive)
  • Not every item you order will fit, and you cannot exchange it.
  • Not all people can afford ($100 per month)
  • There is no available space to change the order
  • Renting the cutest items is challenging because everyone wants to own them after reading Nuuly Review.

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