A Few Easy And Affordable Car Hacks – One Would Like To Know


With a little perseverance and creativity, you can fix several automotive issues. However, you must not visit a mechanic or car repair shop for every little issue. Drivers spend far more money to solve small, simple problems at some places, demanding dozens of dollars to resolve these minor issues.

Whether it’s regarding car tyres or other components. You can look for Tyre in Kuwait for better performance of the car. Here are some car hacks for the drivers that will help them save money and have a better driving experience.

  • Toothpaste – for headlights
  • Shoe or box – as a cup holder
  • Staple remover – for keychain
  • Seat warmer – keep food warm
  • Nail polish – fix car paints
  • Plastic container – for trash can
  • Baskets – to organize things

1.    Toothpaste – For Headlights

Although this one is quite simple, some arm power is needed. Apply toothpaste to the plastic coating over the headlights and spread it in all directions. Wait a little while, then wipe with fresh water and pat dry. The hazy film that covers them will be removed as a result. Try cleaning them with certain furniture polish or vehicle wax if you wish to maintain them that way.

2.    Shoe Or Box – As A Cup Holder

Almost all cars have cup holders, but not all are reliable. Occasionally you require a little more substantial than a fragile plastic object or a shallow cup holder to support your 32oz drink. A shoe holds the solution!

Put your beverage in and watch a tennis match. Because the opening may be adjusted, almost every cup accommodates. To help avoid spillage, the shoe is the lowest part and broader than regular cup holders.

3.    Staple Remover – For Keychain

It can be very difficult to get keys onto such a royal ring. It might be worse if you do not have any nails. Because they haven’t been used, key new rings are also very rigid, and some of them are enormous and heavy. Stop hurting yourself or breaking nails now! To unlock the key ring and attach the keys, use a staple remover!

4.    Seat Warmer – Keep Food Warm

Seat heaters are not standard equipment in all cars, but they can serve a very valuable purpose. Before placing the meal on the seat, switch on your seat warmer. It won’t keep meals steaming hot, but it will unquestionably aid in delaying cooling so that your meals stay fresher for longer.

5.    Nail Polish – Fix Car Paints

Receiving a dent in your automobile is annoying, and the repair bill may be excessive given the real damage. You could perhaps try applying nail paint if you don’t want to spend the money but still desire it at least somewhat mended. First, find the hue most closely resembles your car at the neighborhood drugstore. Next, continue to paint it on. Although it won’t look spectacular up close, it will make your vehicle appear nicer from a distance.

6.    Plastic Container – For Trash Can

There is rarely sufficient room to fit anything substantial inside, and wiping them out is difficult. By selecting a plastic breakfast container, you can solve both issues at once. You can put anything inside one with a large sufficient space, and you may even line it with a garbage can liner to make it easier to dispose of. In addition, they are inexpensive and might help prevent your automobile from appearing like a trash can.

7.    Baskets – To Organize Things

Your car’s trunk is undoubtedly a disaster. Picking up a free basket gives you a location to put everything, so it doesn’t fly about the room. You do not have to stress about things becoming loose and wandering about the luggage when you pick one of these up at the dollar shop for a few dollars.

Wrap Up

You can try many entertaining things to improve your driving experience. But you might save effort and cost and keep your car spotless with the help of these simple auto hacks.


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