8. Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents


If you’re at home with your family and watching a small one doesn’t mean you aren’t able to earn money. Being a stay-at-home mom can be an effective option to earn a living, particularly if you come up with the perfect business idea. Related:

8. Business Ideas You Can Start with Less Than $10,000 If you’re searching for ways to earn money, but your schedule keeps you away from the office, there are 8 businesses you can set up at home with a minimum of capital. You need determination, the will to put in the effort and the desire to be financially successful. Browse through the slideshow to discover your new job!

1. College Application/Financial Aid Planning Consulting Business.

A financial aid planner can help parents to get the lowest cost for their child’s education, thereby saving money. Utilizing financial aid resources isn’t simply about being knowledgeable. It’s about knowing the options available. This business involves providing advice to the parents of high school pupils and their teachers about choosing a college by filling in the financial aid application and application forms, offering tips for writing college essays as well as advising parents about the tax implications of college savings plans and negotiating the best offer of financial aid when the college offers are received.

Thorough knowledge of higher education institutions and an understanding of all the options for financial aid are essential. Promote your service at libraries, high schools, private tutoring centers, and universities. Tips: Have a good understanding of the various financial programs, such as Byrd Scholarships, Stafford Loans, Private and Federal grants, and Loans.

Be aware of current college savings plans, including the 529 plan, Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts and the Uniform Gift to Minors Act, and Charitable RRUs. Read This: Start Your Own College Planning Consultant Business by Entrepreneur Press and Eileen Figure Sandlin Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble Related: Looking for a New Payment Company? You’re ‘Due’ for Some Good News.

2. Consignment Shop.

Discussions about having “pre-owned” clothing have never been a common conversation at the table. The times may change, however. Recycling clothes are coming and returning. The economic downturn has caused people to save money by purchasing “gently used” items. Consignment merchandise also works be an online business.

As a consignment shop’s proprietor, you charge anything for your inventory until it’s sold, making this business perfect for the new entrepreneur. Pick clean, well-maintained and well-maintained things and show and sell online or at an in-person location for owners to share the profits once you’ve made an offer. Most of the time, it is 60/40 or 50/50, with the greater proportion going to consignment stores.

Tips: The key to the success of a consignment shop has a relaxing environment. Keep it neat, clean and trendy. Related: How to Start a Business Online Read This: Start Your Clothing Store and More: Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Specialty by Entrepreneur Press and Charlene Davis Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble

3. Freelance Writing.

The freelancing writers can write articles about any topic from horse training to purchasing an RV. The best way to begin is by writing about topics that you already know an expert like Bob Chapek net worth and others. Writer’s Market Writer’s Market lists guidelines for a variety of publications. Ghostwriting is an excellent choice for freelancers seeking money but not willing to sacrifice the benefit of a byline.

Websites are always looking for freelancers who are of high quality, as well. Create a site to promote your writing freelance business. Tips: Your initial inquiries are most likely to be rejected multiple times. Develop a strong resiliency to rejection.

Read This: Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business and More: Copywriter, Proofreader, Copy Editor, Journalist by Entrepreneur Press and George Sheldon Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble Related: How to Start a Business With (Almost) No Money

4. Gardening Business.

Herb farms are among the industries with the fastest growth. Herbal teas, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, essential oils and candles are only the tip of the Iceberg. A thorough understanding of how to grow herbs is crucial. Flowers used to perfume soap, potpourri candles, fragrant concoctions and candles require only some square feet of room to grow. Most of your preparation is easily done in a typical kitchen with just an oven, a shelf and counter space.

The idea of becoming a gardening educator is an innovative method to earn money by cultivating gardening. Provide gardening classes in your backyard, community colleges, recreational centers, and local nurseries. Each month, you can offer a class on the different aspects of gardening, such as creating flower beds, learning about perennials, making the soil, designing the appearance of an English garden, planting bulbs and other similar topics.

The cultivation of orchids can be profitable, provided you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Although they are generally found in tropical zones, orchids are cultivated as greenhouse or house plants. Tips: Through gardening, you can also branch out to floral arrangements and sell your items to local establishments and hotels, wedding planners, churches, roadside flower sales, and florists. Read This: Lawn Care or Landscaping: Entrepreneur’s Step-by-Step Startup Guide by Entrepreneur Press Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble

5. Gift Basket-Making Business.

From corporate gatherings from baby showers to corporate parties, birthdays and holidays, Gift baskets can be customized to meet the tastes of everyone. Gift basket makers need to have an eye for imagination and the capability to purchase gifts and place them in decorative boxes, bags or boxes. Beautiful packaging is an essential element of the gift basket industry.

It’s not enough to just put a few objects together and attach the bow. Sell your gift baskets by taking pictures of their baskets. Create a brochure that lists what’s in each basket and its cost. The baskets can be sold online at corporate offices, mail, or local stores. Tips: There are vast, untapped market items with university or sports team logos.

First, you must be approved by the university’s licensing department before making gift baskets featuring products that feature their logo. Read This: Start Your Own Gift Basket Business and More: Special Events, Holiday, Real Estate, Corporate by Entrepreneur Press and Cheryl Kimball Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble

6. Graphic Design.

Graphic designers’ responsibilities include creating brochures, flyers, catalogues of products and advertising. Graphic designers can also consult with publishers or printers to determine the most appropriate choice of cover stocks, paper and printing techniques for any specific task. Promote your services to advertising agencies, publishing businesses, small magazines, companies, product manufacturers, and private entrepreneurs.

Tips: Good listening skills are crucial for running a successful design business. It is essential to understand what your customers want fully. Read This: Start Your Own Graphic Design Business by Entrepreneur Press and George Sheldon Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble

7. Grant Writing Business.

Grant writers are the crucial link between the funder and grant-seeker. Grant writers are freelancers as full-time or part-time development officials and freelancers. Nonprofit organizations make up the majority of grant-seekers. Grant writers are eligible to apply for an array of funding categories, such as grants for projects, general operating grants, Endowment grants, restricted grants, match grants, startup funds, and challenge grants.

Some websites that will help you start researching funders are www.fdncenter.org, www.tgci.com and www.fundsnetservices.com. Tips: In this field, you can study independently and provide services for a hefty cost. A small percentage of organizations need certification from grant writers. Please read This: Grant-Writing Business: Step-by-Step Startup Guide by Entrepreneur Press Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble

8. Home Health-Care Agency.

An 80-year-old would like to stay in his own home but is having difficulties bathing, making meals, and cleaning the home. As an owner of a home health-care provider, you should provide employees to help with the everyday chores of living. Health care at home is a business that is rapidly expanding due to the rising cost of assisted living and the nurses who live in it.

Learn about the legal requirements for running an office for home health in your region. Be up-to-date regarding the regulations for administering any medication. Advertise your business at local rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

Tips: You need top-notch people skills and a keen sense of the best caregiver you should connect with what client. The most important thing is that you can hire employees with a tremendous amount of patience. Read This: Start Your Own Senior Services Business, 3rd Edition by Entrepreneur Press and Charlene Davis Amazon eBooks.com Barnes & Noble


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