66 Things Every Student Should Do to Maintain a Work and Study Balance


Studying and working at the same time can be a real struggle to balance. When studying at a university, you are expected to give more hours besides the timetable and with work, you have to spend time commuting. It means that you’ll be forced to spend more time on both sides. 

But since you are required to do both and can’t neglect any, you need to follow some tips to help you manage time better and reduce stress. 

Plan Your Day Ahead 

Firstly write down all the work shifts for the next week or two in your planner. Likewise, write down your university timetable to check which time is available for you to do personal study and other tasks. This little task can significantly make a difference and help you balance your life. 

Sometimes, you may be faced with a heavy workload or have upcoming exams, but with planning, you can be aware of all your responsibilities and try to manage both before it’s too late. 

Stick to Your Plan 

Make sure to make a realistic plan that you can follow. If you plan to study only on your off days or when you get back from work, you may lose track of your coursework. 

Make sure you stick to your plan and make an effort to follow a schedule so all your tasks don’t end up piling up in the end.

Inform Your Tutor About Your Job

Another important thing is to let your tutor know that you are juggling between your job and studies. This way they will understand if anything comes up or if you need advice or support. Staying in touch with your professor will help out in the long run. 

Give Yourself Some Free Time

You may get greedy thinking about doing extra shifts to get some savings. But that’s not a great idea. Only offer the hours that you can actually work without overworking yourself. The same goes with the university, don’t take part in extra classes knowing it will be hard to manage them.

Your free time is crucial to your well-being so give yourself enough time to relax and unwind. Take some time out to watch an episode or two of your favorite show. Along with studies and work, your mental health is also important. 

Know What’s Important 

You need to determine your priority and see what’s more important when it comes to managing time. Since you are investing money and time at your university to obtain a degree, this should be your first and main priority. 

Obviously, getting a degree is not easy but you need to focus on what you need to do and go from there. If it’s getting hard to prepare for tests, then you can take a break from work and focus on university which is more important for your future.

Get a Job Related to Your Degree

You will benefit a lot if your job is directly related to your degree. For instance, if you are studying for a medical degree, you can work part-time at a hospital. Or if you’re studying in an online university for military veterans, you’ll be able to get training alongside your studies.

ill also help you gain experience in your field. That way, you won’t have to worry about wasting time, since you’ll be getting on-the-job experience. Even if you don’t need the money, getting a job or internship related to your degree will make things a lot easier for you down the line.