5 Tips on How to Increase the Age of Your Car


It takes years for many people to save up so they get the best model. It literally feels like a blessing when you have a dream car to drive. But as much as it is rewarding to have a dream car for driving, it is also daunting to keep it maintained so it lasts longer in your garage.

It is getting expensive to replace a car when it gets damaged. That is why here are some inexpensive tips for you in this blog to give your car the care that it deserves.

Wondering what are these tips? Let’s delve into this blog:

1. Let the Car Warm Up

No one can wake up and head straight to the marathon, right? Then why do you expect this from your car after starting it?

Just like you need little time to get warm up to work out or go running, your car needs a few minutes as well during the first start. This way, all the essential fluids in the car will move properly, and energy from the battery will go to all the components that require it.

This will increase the life of your car’s engine and prevent common damages.

2. Keep Your Car Clean

We all want to have a nicely clean car on the road. It increases the attraction for the car –which helps boost its value in the long run.

A good clean inside out will help in keeping the car in the best condition. You can consider a full wash every few weeks, and full waxing after months will maintain the paint. This way, no debris will affect the beauty of your car.

3. Work On Damages

The damages to your car will impact the value and comfort of driving your car with confidence. You will be surprised to know that damage will only attract more damage. 

So, get your car inspected by an automobile expert. If your car has been in an accident and there is a collision on it, consider getting a repair for it. In case you are living in Oklahoma City, you can look for best professionals to get repairs for collisions Oklahoma City ok.

4. Replace the Old Oil

Car oils are the lifeblood of your car. The healthier and cleaner oil your car will get in the right amount, the better it will function and give you a comfortable experience. 

Oils have a limit to get crude after a time. Ignoring it will bring damage to the engine and other parts of the car. So, if you want to increase the longevity of your car, consider replacing the oils or fluids on time according to the manual.

5. Maintain the Tires

Tires are the main component of your car. When you have the right pressure and condition, not only will it help in balancing your car on the road, but it will also aid in saving money on fuel. 

The right pressure of tires will minimize fuel consumption and add smoothness while you are driving. Ensure you put the right weight on your car so your tires will give a good balance to it.