5 Flooring Tips to Transform Your Home


Whether you are building your home or renovating from scratch, flooring is a major consideration as it can set the tone of any room. With innovative designs like reclaimed wood and 3D effect vinyl, flooring can now be the focal point of the home. 

When it comes to flooring options, they have come a long way. From simply choosing carpets and floorboards, you can now get attractive and durable floors installed to get your home updated and provide comfort.

Before you get new flooring for your home, make sure that the plumbing system and the floor beneath are strong and durable. If not then you can get 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Floor Restoration to get rid of any previous issues. 

Let’s have a look at some of the flooring options to renovate your home.

Create Continuity Between Outdoor and Indoor Space 

If your home has patio doors then flooring plays an important role in ensuring continuity between the garden and home interior. For this, you can deck outside and wooden boards inside but make sure that they point in the same direction.

Even when the doors are closed, similar flooring on the patio and your living room will make the inside space feel much larger. 

Get Ceramic Tiles

If you want to avoid traditional wooden flooring then you can choose ceramic tiles which offer the look of wooden boards. With different colors available, you can enhance the look of your home.

Ceramic tiles are cost-effective and easy to clean as well. They make a great choice for the kitchen and bathroom as they tend to last for years. 

Use Patterned Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can also be used to implement the industrial trend and the ever-popular retro trend. Retro styles blend well with industrial-style furniture which incorporates metals and luxurious fabrics such as leather.

Patterned ceramic tiles can work in every room of the house. Tiles are now playing a significant role in home interiors with the trend to use them throughout the house rather than just the bathroom and kitchen. There are endless options to get creative with several colors, patterns, and shapes to choose from. 

Get Classic Style with Monochrome Tiles

Monochrome pattern tiles are an ideal choice if you want a traditional look along with influence from the Victorian era. You can choose a blend of black and white for kitchens as it goes well with the modern interior as well.

You can use colored tiles to add a Mediterranean twist. Decorative tiles with bold colors like blue and red can make a statement in any room. 

Refresh Your Floors

Besides flooring options, there are other things you can include in your interior design to refresh the floors. One way is to lay down stylish rugs to liven up the look of your floors. You can even layer them to enhance the texture and be creative with the design.

Unlike floors which you can easily wipe to clean the surface, for carpet cleaning you should consider hiring professional services to maintain it. Using rugs can also help you complement wall treatments and home decor.