Who is Ruby O. Fee?


The Ruby O. Fee Biography is a fascinating read that will provide you with an insight into the life of this German actress. She is also known by the name Ruby Moonstone. Her early career was marked by a series of television shows and films. She became a well-known model, actress, and writer.

Born in Germany, Ruby O. Fee is an actress and model who has a large fan base on Instagram. She has received several awards and has graced the covers of numerous magazines and newspapers. Her success has seen her get a lot of attention since she began her career in 2010. Fee has a height of 5 feet and dark hair. Her eyes are brown. She was previously involved with Brazilian singer Joaquim, although the two separated in 2017.

During her time as an actress, Fee has starred in many films. She acted in a children’s adaptation of the novel “The Black Brothers,” and was the star of an adventure film, Dandelion, which came out in May 2011. She has also appeared in the sequel to the horror film Bibi and Tina. Her impressive list of film credits is impressive, and she has amassed a nice amount of money from her career.


Ruby O. Fee is an actress and model from Germany. She is best known for playing a role in a Japanese television series “Shinkansen”. Ruby Moonstone is also an actress. She has worked in television and films since she was a child.

She has signed with Paradigm for representation. She is currently starring in the upcoming action film “Army of Thieves” as a master hacker. This film is directed by Zack Snyder and has already been released in 90 countries. It is currently ranked third globally on Netflix. Previously, Fee starred in the Netflix film “Polar” opposite Mads Mikkelsen. Before starring in this film, she rose to fame on German TV series Allen gegen die Zeit.

Fee has a long list of credits. She has also starred in a children’s book, “The Black Brothers.” She also starred in another German-language film, “Lotta & the Happy Future,” in which she played a young girl with a heart condition. Her role as a crime suspect in “Happy Birthday, Sarah” garnered her numerous awards.

Social media influencer

As a social media influencer, Ruby O. Fee is an important part of the social media community. She is of mixed ethnicity and was born in the Aquarius month. She spent her childhood in Germany and Brazil and had a lot of fun with her siblings.

She is an actress, model, and social media influencer. She made her acting debut in 2010 with “Womb.” Since then, she has appeared in various movies and magazine covers, and her popularity on social media has grown.

She is a dual nationality, having German and Costa Rican citizenship. Fee attended the Bela Bartok Music School in Germany when she was 12 years old. She also has a strong interest in acting, having acted in the TV series “Womb”. She was fourteen when she made her first film appearance, 13 Hours: Race Against Time, at which she played a character who is a hacker. She has starred in several films and TV shows, and has a huge following on social media.

Follower of Jesus Christ

Born in Costa Rica, Ruby O. Fee is a follower of Christ and a talented actress. She is managed by the talent agency flix select. She has appeared on many magazine covers and has won several awards. Fee is currently based in Germany. Her on-screen debut was in the 2010 film Womb, where she starred alongside Matt Smith and Eva Green. She also starred in the 2011 film 13 Hours, where she played the role of Sophie Kellermann. In that film, Fee starred opposite Timmi Trinks, Peter Lohmeyer, and Ugur Ekeroglu.

Fee grew up in Brazil and Costa Rica and is a member of a well-established family. Her mother is of German heritage, while her stepfather is from France. She later went on to study art and music in Berlin. She is a Christian and is currently dating actor Matthias Schweighofer.

Net worth

The German actress Ruby O. Fee has an estimated net worth of $500 000. She has earned this much by starring in movies and television series. The actress was born on 7 February 1996 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her weight is around 56 kilograms. Ruby has dark brown hair and eyes. She maintains an active lifestyle and has a low waistline.

She was born in Costa Rica and lived in France, Brazil, and Germany before settling down in Germany. Her success as an actress and model has earned her a huge following. She has starred in numerous films and TV shows and has received numerous awards.


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