What are AI-Powered Chatbots & How Do They Work?


AI-Powered Chatbots can be defined as a text, or voice-based interface that’s used to connect human users with an artificial operator on online platforms – these chatbots respond to customers’ queries just like a representative during a traditional person-to-person conversation.

Text-based chatbots are specifically used on different websites and social media platforms to provide 24/7 customer support and outreach. Whereas on the other hand, voice-based chatbots are generally used for call deflection purposes or to provide over-the-phone customer services to clients.

Well, whatever the purpose, one thing is for sure – all types of chatbots are designed to reduce human effort and time that’s invested in customer interaction every day. So far, these chatbots have turned out to be pretty effective and useful for most companies out there, especially for customer-centric brands that focus more on their customer services.

randomly pops up on the customer’s browser when they navigate around a site for a few seconds/minutes. Interestingly, most of the time it tends to exhibit the behavior that the user has become “lost” or is having some difficulty connecting with the information or services he/she needs.

The Chatbots work via three basic mechanisms:

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing Chatbots (NLP) work by converting the user’s speech into formatted text, or structured data. Once the speech is broken down, the data is then analyzed to take the necessary action

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Natural Language Processing includes the following steps.

  • Tokenization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Normalization
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Dependency Parsing

However, you need to remember that AI-Powered Chatbots cannot work offline – therefore, you will need stable internet connectivity at home/workplace to access them. So, just make sure that you connect to a high-speed internet connection like Grande Internet before you try to converse with a chatbot, or try to launch a customized chatbot for your company website.

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  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

This Natural Language Understanding relies on three standard concepts i.e.:

Entities: It provides the basic idea of the conversation to the chatbot. For instance, your query might be fed into the payment system of your E-commerce chatbot. So, it identifies the meaning behind your question.

Context: When an NLU algorithm analyzes or breaks down your sentence, it does not have the historical backdrop of your textual conversation. This indicates that, if it receives the response to your query that you have recently raised, it won’t recall the previous inquiry. So, different parts of your conversation of chat are separately stored in the Chatbot.

Expectations: This is something that a chatbot needs to fulfill when the user sends a query. For instance, the goal triggered for, “I want to order a black pair of shoes”, and “Do you have black shoes? I need to place an order” or “show me a black pair of shoes”, is typically the same. The Chatbot will show you a list of shops that sells black shoes. So, the tag of black shoes will remain the same for all related queries in the future.

  • Pattern Matches

Chatbots rely on pattern matches to identify the text and produce an appropriate response for the clients. For instance, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), can be considered as the most typical, structured model of these patterns.

Let’s check out a common example of pattern matches in AI-Powered Chatbots:

User: Who invented the email?

Chatbot:  Google says that Ray Tomlinson invented email.

If you look at the above-mentioned scenario carefully, you’ll notice that the Chatbot came up with the appropriate answer just because its name has been mentioned in the related pattern. Similarly, chatbots are capable to react to anything that looks like its correlated patterns. However, it cannot go past the associated patterns – so, if you want to take it to a progressive stage, algorithms might help.

How is AI Chatbots Used for Business?

Chatbots are used as effective data-gathering tools to interpret and understand the clients’ most frequently asked questions or problems, and the general public’s perception of the brand and market position. In an ever-growing AI-Powered marketplace, these chatbots help organizations to take proper initiatives and design better strategies to cater to their consumer needs effectively.

Chatbots are extremely helpful for consumers and businesses, as they reduce the communication barriers between both parties created by obstacles like tech-savviness or navigation issues, etc. The Chatbots help to streamline the navigation and allow the users to receive their desired results as quickly as possible. Also, it has proven to be a much more cost-effective alternative for constant communication, as compared to hiring a huge support team, or contracting with expensive call centers.

The best part is that Artificial Intelligence Chatbots provide a much more prompter and straightforward experience than most customer services representatives. It not only saves the time and effort of the employers but also helps them to save tons of money by replacing customer services agents with Chatbots. 

Wrapping Up

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that AI-Powered chatbots have become an integral part of the workplace technology stack. Most of the giant retail chains, and tech brands have already embraced them – they have an added advantage over all those companies that have yet to make moves toward AI, automation, or both.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the mechanism, features, and specifications of AI-Powered chatbots. If you wish to know more about its functioning, or processing power, then don’t forget to visit your favorite tech-related websites, blogs, and articles on the internet. However, before you begin your research, just make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection like Grande so that you get to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.  

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