Quick Tips On Selecting The Best Ev Charger For Your Electric Car


When you purchase an electric vehicle, it is practical to get a home charger installed. You know once you use a dedicated home charging point, it proves to be the faster, safer and even easier way of charging your EV. You can certainly talk to the electric vehicle charger manufacturers in india and ensure that you get a good quality charger for your electric vehicle.

But yes, it is also true that for a first-time buyer, selecting a charging unit can be as complexing as picking your electric vehicle given the diverse options available in the market in the present time. 

Amperage Capacity of EV Chargers

You must choose a charger having a current or amperage level that go well with the capacity of your car. The recommendation in the present time is to purchase a charger that outputs somewhat 7.4 kw, even if your vehicle has a lower powered type of inverter on board. In this manner you will not need to upgrade in a couple of years when you do get an EV with a higher level of power capability.

Type 1 or Type 2 Chargers

Your selection relies largely on where you are based and what type of model vehicle you are charging. Type 1 inlets (plug as well as socket) are still mostly limited to American and even Asian vehicles. European vehicles are mostly Type 2, though there is presently a universal connector solution, mostly known as a J1772™ connector. You know electric vehicles today incline to be equipped with as a minimum of two diverse cables, so that chargers having differing outlets can be used.

Selecting the right type of EV charger relies on how far you want to travel, and how long you wish to spend charging. There is also the proper consideration of electricity costs, and how to take benefit of off-peak rates, but initially the selection is between Level one or Level two. Level 1 chargers make use of less voltage, amperage and even kilowatts, but the number of hours needed to charge your vehicle is considerably more. In case you charge EV on a smart system, you could be able to access converted solar energy, and even use charging plans that you may schedule to boost off-peak savings.

It also relies on if you are charging a single domestic vehicle or even running a business, where Level 2 chargers are going to support a network of manifold vehicles charging simultaneously. The variety of travel is an aspect too, with Level 1 charging contributing just about four miles RPH (Range Per Hour), whereas Level 2 charging supplies twelve  to sixty miles RPH.

For a commercial type of business, Level 1 chargers are definitely generally too slow, as it takes nearly a whole day to charge an electric vehicle. These work better for domestic type of use. Level 2 charging enables multiple drivers to be served per day, permitting them to access more customers. Chauffeurs can hunt for networked Level 2 stations via mobile apps, whereas business owners can take the most benefit of power-sharing and even the latest software updates.


To sum up, there are many good electric charging companies in india for you to talk to. Have  a word with them and select a charger for your electric vehicle that you feel is perfect.


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