The need for companies to protect themselves against cyber attacks has never been more essential. Data breaches are happening more often and with more severity. Online systems will invariably include bugs and weaknesses since most organizations are unable to keep up with the internet’s fast expansion.

The sophistication of the attacks is amazing, and not just governments are the targets. Enterprises are suffering financial losses up to millions of pounds; it is estimated that this costs businesses worldwide more than £1 trillion.

A number of groups, including activists, organized criminal groups, competitor companies, disgruntled employees, and foreign governments, are interested in breaching secured IT settings. Each of these groups employs cutting-edge technology to focus their attacks on specific targets. The consequences might include a diminished ability to compete, system lockouts, and lost data.

By collaborating with a competent cyber security company, these concerns may be minimized. Having a specialized specialist or team dedicated to defending against assaults may be less dangerous and expensive. RAXA TECHNOSECURITY SOLUTIONS can offer a free basic IT security inspection to help your business get started with cyber security. Alternately, you may go through our list of cyber security companies in London if you need a specialist in a certain area.

The capabilities of a consultant, what they can provide, and why they are vital to your business are discussed.

Are your cyber security consultants required to have the following skills and experience?

There are several facets to cyber security. As previously said, providing basic IT support is only a minor aspect of cyber security. For example, you may merely require the services of an information security consultant. If your situation is more complex, you may need to engage a penetration tester or a computer forensics investigator. Don’t be put off if those titles don’t mean anything to you; the key to finding an IT security services provider is to search for someone or a company that has the following skill sets and demonstrated competence. They have to have:

  • The ability to identify new trends in data sets
  • Understand your company’s confidentiality needs inside and out.
  • Maintain a genuine interest in IT support and a current understanding of the digital security environment.
  • Excellent and adaptable communication skills that may be tailored to varied audiences.

Any cyber security firm you work with should be able to help you achieve these basic requirements as well as the government’s Cyber Essentials certification requirements. The government supports this initiative, which helps companies protect themselves against regular cyberattacks.

If your business is not accredited through this program, you run the danger of infringing the upcoming GDPR rule and getting in trouble with law enforcement.

For them to effectively guide you through the compliance process, the IT security expert you choose should, at the absolute least, have a Cyber Essentials certification. RAXA TECHNOSECURITY SOLUTIONS is fully qualified by the Cyber Essentials program; you can find more details about our accreditation here.

Even if your company receives certification from one of the recognized third-party firms under the Cyber Essentials plan, a respectable cybersecurity firm can help you set things up beforehand to offer your business the best chance of success.

In an organization, what is the role of a cyber security consultant?

The interests of a modern organization must be safeguarded by IT security services, and there are various ways a cyber security specialist may assist a business.

In general, cyber security encompasses risk management, information assurance, and protecting critical technology. It seeks to protect against electronic and internet hazards. It might be challenging to recognize these assaults at times due to the highly complex strategies that are constantly being produced across the planet. Do not believe that just because your company is small, it is not vulnerable to assaults. Attacks can be directed at anybody, including state governments, organizations, and individuals.

Cyber security experts may also instruct employees for a business. Even the most secure systems won’t be very useful if just one employee disregards security protocols. Hackers may get access by a simple error such as sending sensitive information over email or using an unauthorized portable device on a work computer. These errors may be reduced by offering training and promoting a culture of security among all personnel. In reality, the four most common weak points for data security breaches are systems, networks, mobile devices, and human error.

IT security consultants must have a specialized job since they are cyber security professionals. Assigning an underqualified existing team member to this critical role would be a mistake because they will be significantly more educated about potential security risks than other IT generalists. Cyber security consultants are typically extremely aware of the techniques that attackers may employ and have procedures in place to mitigate such risks. They are resourceful and endeavor to devise defenses against prospective hazards (yet). These experts are present at every employee encounter with corporate information. This category may include devices, software, data storage, and internal networks.

In today’s business world, cyber security has become an integral component

Business risks rise with the interconnectedness of the global economy. These connections frequently expand more quickly than what is required to secure them, which is a problem. Although most companies are taking their time to solve it, businesses are beginning to see their vulnerability for what it is. 90% of companies globally admit they lack the tools necessary to protect their digital assets.

This is awful, and it is negatively affecting corporate earnings. A 2015 Lloyds research found that cybercrime costs businesses worldwide more than £350 billion per year. A 2016 Forbes article predicted that cybercrime will rise by £1.5 trillion.

A recent report claims such attacks are occurring increasingly often. Researchers at Opinium conducted Beaming’s analysis, which found that 2.9 million UK firms had cyber security breaches in 2017. These assaults reportedly cost the UK a total of £29.1 billion. From outright industrial espionage to the theft of money, identities, and data to system lockouts, the breaches and results can vary greatly.

Cyber attacks can be categorized into two general types.

Data breaches: what are they?

These include the theft of private company information. This information may be used to initiate extortion efforts, destroy deals, and divulge sensitive information. In the digital age, data is routinely replicated but not always removed, making data security breaches more difficult to find. Once an access point is established, it may be months or even years before its vulnerability is discovered, leading to practically unfathomable vulnerabilities.

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The act of sabotaging your systems

Sabotage attempts are more overt and might have a more evident negative impact on a corporation’s brand. These procedures may include

assaults that cause a lack of service, the destruction or corruption of important data, or the paralysis of infrastructure. The most frequent forms of sabotage are stealing or tampering with customer information, personnel records, and secret data.

The effects of these assaults go beyond just monetary losses. Companies may be subject to negligence lawsuits or regulatory action depending on the type of breach. Attacks that render a system unusable could make it difficult for a corporation to fulfill contractual obligations. The cost of missed sales and contracts resulting from a breakdown in consumer trust might be enormous.

The most typical effects on impacted firms include

  • Brand or reputation damaged
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Financial setback
  • Legal ramifications/lawsuits
  • Reduction in shareholder value
  • Scams and Extortion

Consultations or services related to cyber security

It might be overwhelming to know where to start when committing to a cyber security plan. Hiring a consultant may be a cost-effective solution if the company is too small to sustain a full-time professional. Due to market needs, they frequently provide comparable services and are far less expensive than full-time employees. It’s important to keep in mind that companies like RAXA TECHNOSECURITY SOLUTIONS provide the option to engage consultants on a project-by-project basis. You can employ our specialists for projects like audits or security reviews. These have the advantage of having precise goals and no continuing expenses.

Recurring security consultant engagements for ongoing projects are also useful. It may be desirable to employ consultants to work on standalone projects even if there are seasoned cyber security specialists already on staff.

Offsite data hosting and storage typically take place concurrently with the hire of a company with substantial cyber security expertise. There are several benefits to remote monitoring and analysis. By using their skills in spotting abnormalities, monitoring traffic, and taking the proper action, specialists in this field may be able to prevent or halt a cyber security breach. It is possible to monitor this at all times.


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