How to Register Poppo App Agency?

Poppo App

Poppo Live Agency

Poppo Live is a live streaming application and actively hiring agencies for their platform worldwide; Poppo Live Agencies have to recruit streamers for the app. Poppo App agency can be an individual, team or organisation that works independently for Poppo live on a commission basis. There is no limit to earning and working hours the more benefits agencies provide to the platform the more money they earn.

Register Poppo App Agency?

Poppo Agency registration is a simple and short process, you can become a Poppo Agent by following steps mentioned below:

1. Download Poppo App:
2. Download and create an account (skip if already have a Poppo account and your account should not be an official host account).
3. Click on the Poppo Agency registration link:
4. Enter your Poppo ID & click on the get button to receive a verification code on Poppo App
5. Find the verification code in Poppo App messages.
6. Enter the code and submit details.

It takes up to 12 hours to get your account verified as an agency. When your agency will activate you can find Agency, Add Host & Coin Trading options in your Poppo profile.

Benefits of becoming a Poppo Live Agency

Being a Poppo Agent you can earn money by inviting hosts and agents. Yes, Poppo live allows their agents to recruit more agents under their team with similar benefits.

Invite Hosts: Every Poppo user can invite new users to the app they can be hosts, agents or regular users of the app. There are some tasks defined by the app; when the person you invited through your link achieves those targets you get paid on the app. One user invitation can give you up to $14.

Add Hosts: Poppo live agency get a personalised panel to add hosts in their agency or their hosts can use their agency ID to join their agency. Being a Poppo App agency you have to add hosts cos hosts are the primary source of revenue generation for the Poppo App. When your hosts go live or do calls on the app they get paid from the app as well as they can receive gifts from users. Whatever amount of gifts hosts get, their agency gets a commission according to their commission ratio. Agencies can earn a commission between 4-20% from their host’s gift earnings.

Invite Agents: All Poppo agents get a personalised agency invitation link that they can find in their app agency section. Whoever uses their link to become an agency adds to their agency. There is a difference between the sub-agent and in upper-agent, in Poppo App, both have similar commission policies and authorities. You get a commission for every host earning under agents you invited on the app. You get a 4-16% commission from the agencies you invite on Poppo live it totally depends on your commission rate and your invited agent’s commission rate. Your sub-agency commission rate must be lower than yours to have benefited from their work.

Coin Trading: Poppo App agencies have the option to trade coins on the app. Agencies can purchase coins at a cheaper rate according to the stock price available on the app. Users can buy from agents. Maximum agents can purchase coins at 1 USD for 95000 coins and charge users any amount for selling coins.

Poppo Live Agency get a lot more benefits like daily rank rewards, top host rewards, event rewards, agency invitation rewards, etc. If you are working as an agency with live streaming apps you must try Poppo, it is one of the fastest growing applications and gained many users within a short period. Register your own Poppo Agency and start earning today on your own.


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