How to Raid on  Twitch?


Twitch is a vast and attractive platform for streamers and streaming enthusiasts. Here, streamers can do live video streaming, and viewers can watch the live streams from various categories. 

It is a viral and interactive platform for both streamers and viewers.

It is home to millions of content creators and a one-stop leading platform for all streamers. 

What is a raid on Twitch?

Twitch is a platform where streaming enthusiasts stream anything they want from various categories. It may be art, music, gameplay, or daily vlogging. 

Twitch started with a live video gaming feature, but now it has expanded and provided various categories to stream.

The streamers on Twitch need more and more viewers. 

When the streamers need a break from their streaming, they send their viewers to the other streamer so that the audience is still engaged. It is called a raid on Twitch.

It is beneficial when big streamers with a larger audience raid another small channel that needs the audience. It is a compelling feature. 

How is the raid on Twitch helpful?

Twitch is like an ocean of streams and streamers. It is challenging for new and small streamers to gain name and fame in this ocean. They need to attract an audience to their stream and then engage it.

The raid on Twitch is helpful for many small streamers. These channels need exposure and want to bring a broader audience to their channel. 

The raid on Twitch is a perfect and helpful way; the big streamers can send larger audiences to small streamers who need them.

It will also increase the followers of the small streamers and will boost their channel.

It is not limited to raiding small channels; you can also raid big media, so they may also raid you back.

As Twitch is a platform for people to connect and build a community together, this raid feature helps the streamers connect, become friends, and thus help each other.

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How to use raids?

Raiding is one of the best features that help you reach out to wider audiences.

Streamers usually raid at the end of their broadcast to transfer all of their viewers to another streamer’s channel.

Starting a raid is very easy. To raid a channel, you need to use the Twitch app. You can’t do so via the browser.

All you need to do is type the command “/raid” followed by the channel name you want to raid in the chat. 

” /raid ‘channel name’ “

Click on the “Raid Now” option in the pop-up control box. 

If you don’t want to raid, you can cancel the raid by choosing the ‘Cancel’ option.

If you don’t select any option, the raid will automatically start within a few seconds of the countdown.

Another way is to click the “Raid Channel” option on your dashboard and select a channel from the list of channels that appears, or you can search for a track.

And that’s all.

It will send a message in the chat of the target channel notifying them about the raid and the number of raiders. 

How to manage and configure Twitch raids?

You can choose who can and who cannot raid your channel. 

You can also modify who can use the chat during the raid.

Though raids are positive and helpful sometimes, they can harm your channel. 

Customize chat settings:

You can configure your channel’s raid chatting for this. Select the Settings (⚙️) icon in the chat box. From there, change the channel mode to ‘Followers-only chat.’ 

It will prevent spam or harm the raiding channel could do via chat.

You can also select different chat modes like: 

  • Emotes-only chat: This will only allow posting emotes and nothing else.
  • Slow Mode: It will set a certain amount of time between sending messages. This time limit is customizable by you.
  • Subscribers-only: This will allow only your subscribers to chat.

Report or Ban Channels:

You can even report or block channels from raiding you. If any medium comes with an offensive or inappropriate raid, you can stop it. 

You can go to Settings(⚙️) in the chat window. Click on ‘Review Recent Raids’ under the ‘Task’ section. Click on ‘Report’ or ‘Ban.’

The banned channel won’t be able to raid your channel in the future.

Restrict raids: 

You can also restrict your account to ‘Friends-only raid’ mode. 

Under Settings (⚙️), select ‘Creator Dashboard’ from the menu.

Now select ‘Preferences’ and then the ‘Channel’ option. 

Select ‘Raids’ and go to the ‘Only raids from friends’ tab. 

Is Raiding and Hosting the same?

No, raiding a channel is quite different from hosting a channel. 

When you raid a channel, all the viewers on your channel will redirect to the other channel (which you have selected for raiding).

But when you host a channel, your viewers are sent nowhere; they remain on the same track. Your track starts streaming the stream which is hosted on your channel. 

Hosting doesn’t redirect anyone from your channel, but your track will also host the target channel while raiding.

Conclusion :

Thus, Twitch is a live streaming platform where you can turn your streaming enthusiasm into your passion and generate income. 

Therefore, raiding on Twitch is an elementary and helpful feature. 

Twitch offers people to connect and grow together. Its raiding feature is helpful for smaller streamers who need a more extensive audience base. 

By raiding, streamers can support each other and can strengthen their bonds.


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