Changing The Look Of Your Home With Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors
Aluminium Sliding Doors

For a long time, wooden doors and windows were seen as the only option of fixture for Indian homes because of their traditional aesthetics, widespread availability and perceived superiority. While it is a great material of choice, no doubt, contemporary architecture and design are opening avenues for alternative materials such as aluminium. In the course of the last few years,aluminium  windows and doors have become a popular choice among homeowners owing to the benefits they offer.

Aluminium is a lightweight material that is easy to install on your own without having to call in professionals for help. This makes it an ideal material of choice if you need to replace your old wooden door or window frames with something newer and more modern. The best thing about this material is that it comes in different colours so you can choose one that blends well with your house’s exterior décor or interior design theme.

Aluminium sliding doors sizes

If you’re looking for something more interesting than just a standard square size door, you can opt for an unusual shape like an ellipse or circle which will surely give your house an elegant look. These kinds of doors are usually made by hand and can take several weeks before they’re ready for installation so make sure you check beforehand if there isn’t any hurry in installing them.

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What are Aluminium Sliding Doors?

Aluminium sliding doors are favoured over traditional doors because they are compact and take up relatively less room. Furthermore, the aluminium frame door provides an attractive and polished appearance which enhances the aesthetic quotient. Along with that, aluminium sliding doors are lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

Aluminium sliding doors come in a variety of sizes but the most common sizes that can be found in homes are 3 x 1 metres, 3 x 2 metres, 4 x 2 metres. The length of these aluminium sliding doors is usually between 0.75 m to 1 m while their widths range between 0.30 m to 0.60 m depending upon the size chosen by the customer.

Advantages of Sliding Screen Doors


There’s a reason why aluminium sliding doors are so popular: they’re durable, versatile and extremely energy efficient. They’re also available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any home.

Whether it’s due to their distinctive design or the inherent qualities of aluminium, these doors provide excellent thermal insulation. Simply said, they maintain your preferred interior temperature, letting you avoid rising temperatures in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. After all, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible all year round!

Maximizes the current space:

Aluminium sliding doors sizes can be easily customized, depending on your requirements. The standard size of a sliding door is 600mm x 1900mm. However, if you have smaller spaces or you want to decorate your home in a space-saving manner, it is always ideal to go for aluminium sliding doors. The installation of the aluminium sliding doors improves space management i.e. two sections may be divided or united at any moment according to usage with a simple push-pull operation to effortlessly maximise your space. As a result, aluminium sliding doors are frequently employed as bathroom or kitchen doors. These are also commonly used as external doors, such as villa doors, patio doors, living room doors, balcony doors, store doors, studio doors, garage doors, and so on.


Sliding doors are an excellent way to enhance your home. They let in more light, which is especially important if you have a large area to fill with light. They also provide a nice view of your beautiful garden or landscape. If you want to know more about the different types of sliding doors and how to choose the right one for your home, read on!

Modern-day sliding doors are strengthened and stabilized by the use of double-paned toughened glass. If you have little children and they accidentally run into sliding glass doors, the risk of injuries have been mitigated. Sliding doors are extremely secure and simple to install.

Easy to Maintain:

One of the best things about aluminium is that it is extremely versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as a sliding door material.

If you’re looking for a material that will stand the test of time, aluminium is your best option. This type of material is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. The fact that it does not rust or rot makes it ideal for use in any environment, including high-humidity environments where other materials would not fare so well.


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