7 Less Crowded Places to Visit in Dubai During the Summer Season

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Dubai is an amazing destination to visit, with vivid landmarks and outstanding attractions. Individuals looking to spend their holidays extravagantly can enjoy their time here in Dubai and avail of the luxury rides and cruises here. The seashores are also a great place to travel with loved ones and cherish the vivid ambiance and captivating watersports around. The city streets are also lined with numerous food courts and restaurants serving lip-smacking cuisines to visitors and customers. Let us check out the 7 less-crowded places to visit in the summer season in Dubai, mentioned below for the audience.

7 least-crowded places to visit in Dubai during the summer season 

There are various destinations to visit in Dubai, but the 7 least crowded places to visit during the summer season are discussed below for informational purposes.

Al-Lahbab Desert

Individuals visiting Dubai can visit the Al Lahbab desert region and engage in Dubai hot air balloon rides through the Dubai sky. This activity is cherished by couples and lovebirds, as they can check out the amazing sight of the rising sun here along with the magnificent view of the Dubai skyline around them. Individuals can also spot distinct wildlife and vegetation at an elevation of 4,000 feet in the air. Soar along the Dubai sky and check the Bedouin life in the desert terrain from atop these hot air balloons in Dubai.

The Green Planet

The Green Planet is a great destination that is less trodden by visitors during the summer season in Dubai. The green planet Dubai tickets allow exploring several species under one roof. The place resembles a bio-diverse dome, including a tropical forest with over 3,000 species of plants and animals to check around the region. This enclosed, man-made ecosystem is situated around the City Walk and provides a great tour of the tropics here. Check out the distinct wild animals from various regions, including toucans, sloths, hedgehogs, reptiles, insects, fish, and more, around the location here in Dubai.

Al Qudra Lake

The Al Qudra Lake is an appealing man-made oasis built at the Al Qudra Desert Conservation Reserve. The lake covers an area of 10 hectares and is a great place for picnics and wildlife watching. The place is also less visited by tourists, making it a perfect place to enjoy the summer season with less population around. Various migratory birds can be checked around the place, along with cycle tracks for visitors to enjoy cycling activities around the location here in Dubai.

Love Lake

The Love Lake is another amazing man-made lake built within the Al Qudra oasis and remains less crowded with visitors and tourists in the summer season. The place is a perfect destination for couples and partners, as they can enjoy boat rides here or glance at the picturesque scenery available at the location. Many migratory birds, along with varied desert wildlife, can be spotted around the region, making it a great destination for wildlife enthusiasts as well. Visitors can enjoy capturing photos along the way and enjoying their picnic outings with families and loved ones here.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary can also be considered a less-trodden destination by tourists and visitors here in Dubai and is a great place to spot some birds and wild animals along the region. The Ras Al Khor sanctuary is situated in the heart of the city but provides great topography and terrain conditions to attract various migratory birds from all over the world. Individuals can check the magnificent flock of flamingos around the shallow waters here with an exploration trip through the mangroves, checking the bird nests and hideouts here at the Ras Al Khor Sanctuary in Dubai.

Al Bastakiya

The Al Bastakiya is located around the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and accommodates old houses, narrow lanes with courtyards, and royal chambers connected with wind towers to keep the early rulers cool and soothing in the harsh summer season. The place also reflects the traditional and cultural values of the Emirati folks and has museums and exhibition houses across the diverse regions here. The place is also known for fewer visitations during the summer season in Dubai and can be enjoyed by history buffs and old architecture admirers here.

Moon Island

The Moon Island is again a less-populated man-made island located around 70 kilometers from Dubai. The place is known for its vivid watersport activities, along with snorkeling and scuba diving. Individuals can check out the place with their families and friends and enjoy jet-ski rides, flyboarding, wakeboarding, kite surfing, and more around the region. The Moon Island is named according to the crescent shape of the moon that the island resembles here in Dubai. Visitors can also enjoy a fishing trip here, along with a lavish BBQ and picnic parties conducted around the island area of Dubai.

In a Nutshell

In closing, these are the 7 least crowded places to visit around the city of Dubai during the summer season. Visitors can bring their kids and families and enjoy the captivating activities concluded around the regions here. Nature lovers and wildlife admirers can also check out the lake regions to learn about the distinct flora and fauna available around the place here in Dubai.