3 Ways The Sun Damages Your Skin. 

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In the summer, we all love getting into the sun and soaking up that all-important Vitamin D. However, the sun can have extremely harmful effects on our skin, which are more long-term. In this article, we will be exploring the three top ways that the sun can be harmful, and how we can protect ourselves all year round. 

  1. Ageing, Wrinkling, and Loss of Elasticity 

One of the main ways that the skin affects your skin is typically seen in the ageing process. As we age, we naturally lose collagen, which is what keeps our skin tight, firm, and overall, radiant. This is a completely natural process that we must all go through, but there are many ways to prevent it from happening so quickly. 

Protecting your skin from the sun on a daily basis can also help to prevent premature ageing and minimise the appearance of fine lines,  wrinkles, or sagging skin. Beauty experts now even recommend applying sun protection in the morning, along with your makeup, using it as a base. This ensures that, even in the winter, you are protecting your skin from environmental stressors, such as UV or UV rays. 

  1. Drying Out Your Skin

Another way that the sun can not be so kind to our skin, is by drying it out. In the heat of summer, we may experience that our skin can feel extremely dehydrated and in turn, appear flaky. 

 This can be avoided by using a dual-function moisturiser that also contains SPF protection. Swapping out your normal suncream for one of these will give your skin long-lasting hydration, whilst also soothing your dry patches and brightening the skin. Also, these dual-function products are much better for the top-up process as well. It’s recommended that you should apply more sunscreen every 2 hours – making these products the best beach companion. 

  1. Skin Cancers And Other Harmful Skin Conditions 

Finally, and probably the most important thing to consider when applying your sun protection this summer is the probability of skin cancers and other, harmful skin conditions. It’s a common misconception that the sun can only be damaging in the summer, or when actively tanning. However, the UV-radiation is harmful all year round, even in the colder months. Adding a good quality sunscreen to your daily skincare routine will prevent skin damage such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun spots, and of course, skin cancer. 

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